15 fold increase in nightclub levy heads for Australian courts

September 2007

Record labels, live industry

The hotel and nightclub industries in Australia have launched a Federal Court challenge against The Phonographic Performance Company of Australia , the group that represents Australia’s largest record labels, following a recent decision to increase the cost of music in dance venues by 15 times. Last month the Australian Copyright Tribunal lifted the rate for music played in nightclubs from seven cents per person a night to $1.05. PPC, which represents more than 600 record companies, hailed the decision as a victory for musicians who had been exploited by nightclubs for years


Article link: Copyright ruling produces sour note for musos

“The recent furore over a rise in recorded music licence fees that nightclubs and commercial dance parties must pay has mostly missed the point. It is not about picking the “good guys” — promoters and venue operators versus record companies and musicians. It is about record companies trying to protect their fading businesses”. This article asks whether musicians are properly protected when labels look to find new revenue streams.


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