James Blunt faces claim against songs

August 2007

Music Publishing

Ex British army officer turned international pop star James Blunt is facing a claim from a Los Angeles based record producer, Lukas Burton, who has said that he co-wrote a number of Blunt’s songs including “Goodbye My Lover”, “I Really Want You”, “Don’t Lose Yourself”, “No Bravery”, “Cry” and I “Don’t Believe”. All feature on Blunt’s 14 million selling ‘Back to Bedlam’ album. Royalty payments to Blunt as a songwriter have been suspended whilst a High Court action looms between Burton and Blunt and Blunt’s publisher, EMI Music Publishing. Blunt has made it clear his case is that he wrote the songs on his own, either whilst serving as a Guards officer in Kosovo in 1999 or before that at his own or his parent’s home.

The Times 28 July 2007

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