Avril Lavigne faces new plagiarism claims

August 2007

Music publishing

Following a lawsuit claiming Avril Lavigne stole a chunk of a 1979 Rubinoos’ song for her recent hit ‘Girlfriend’ which sold some 2.6 million copies worldwide, now some fans of Peaches are claiming Lavigne’s song ‘I Don’t Have To Try’, which appears on ‘The Best Damn Thing’, is a rip-off of the track ‘I’m The Kind Bitch’. Lavigne, who responded angrily to The Rubinoos song stealing claim, is yet to respond to these new, more informal allegations. The Lavigne-Rubinoos action is stirring up widespread interest. YouTube videos depicting the connections between the two songs have received 1.4M views:

From CMU Daily see http://www.unlimitedmedia.co.uk

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