DRM debacle continues to claim scalps

August 2007


Sony BMG is taking the company behind an ill-fated CD copy-protection fiasco to court in an attempt to stem some recourse from the legal backlash. Back in 2005, Sony BMG embarked on a DRM initiative utilising CD copy-protection software from The Amergence Group. The move was widely derided as the software was accused of installing spyware onto computers which left them open to viruses. Amergence Technologies, and its sales agent MediaMax Technology, how find themselves on the receiving end of a $12M writ which sees the major claiming damages over lawsuits it had to settle in relation to the flawed software. However the MediaMax technology on charge here is only one of two failed DRM attempts. The other is the now better know ‘Rootkit’ software developed by First4Internet’s. The Amergence Group refutes the claims, laying the blame squarely at the other provider’s feet.

From FiveEight Daily

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