allofMP3 scheme voucher scheme scuppered in UK

June 2007

Internet, record labels 

UK Police have raided and shut down an online voucher system allegedly used by the Russian music download website to try and sidestep the removal of legitimate payment services in the UK and Europe – Visaand Mastercard withdrew payment facilities for the site some time ago. The action under the Fraud Act 2006 follows a pan-European investigation, conducted by global recording industry body IFPIand UK record companies’ association the BPI, which led to the arrest of a 25 year-old male in Bow, London. The individual was allegedly the UK-based European agent for, facilitating the sale of digital downloads by advertising and selling vouchers through auction sites such as eBay and the website That website has now been taken down from the internet. The vouchers contained a code that allowed UK and European consumers to access and download music illegally from the website. Charging £10 per voucher, the suspect was believed to be taking payment from European customers and transferring the cash into various offshore accounts operated by the site’s Russian owners.  Metropolitan Police officers seized computer equipment and paperwork for further investigation.

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