Italian Court imposes heavy sentences for organised piracy

April 2007

Record labels

The Court of Appeal in Naples has imposed heavy jail sentences on members of an organised gang involved in major music piracy. Members of the gang were arrested in 1999 after an investigation carried out by the district anti-mafia attorney, the police and with the assistance of FPM, the Italian music industry’s anti-piracy unit. The head of the organisation, ‘A.C.’, was known as ‘The Emperor’ because of his market share in the pirate music business in Naples during the 1990s. ‘A.C.’ was found guilty and sentenced to three years and six months in jail for conspiracy to violate the copyright law. Seven other members of the gang faced prison sentences of between one year and six months and three years. The judge ordered gang members pay compensation and damages to the plaintiffs which will be agreed in a separate civil claim. 

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