IFPI to sue Yahoo! China

April 2007

Record labels, internet

The Asia branch of the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry has confirmed it is suing Yahoo! China for copyright infringement based on the search engine’s practice of providing links to unlicensed music download site. IFPI’s Asia Regional Director Leong May-Seey has confirmed that Beijing’s Intermediate Court has accepted the case, being brought against the web firm by eleven music companies, including all of the majors. It is worth noting that the IFPI is taking the action against Yahoo! China despite ultimately losing a similar previously reported case against China’s leading search engine Baidu last year. While the Chinese courts initially ordered Baidu to pay compensation to EMI for its MP3 search service which provided links to illegal sources of music, an appeal hearing in November overruled that decision ruling that Baidu could not be held liable for any copyright violation because it did not, itself, host any of the unlicensed content, it merely linked to the illegal sites.

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