Tom Waits reaches settlement over German car

March 2007


Tom Waits has reached a settlement regarding his dispute with German car maker Opel and their advertising agency McCann Erickson. Waits claimed that the car firm had deliberately used a sound-alike on one of their TV ads to imply he had participated in the marketing campaign. The singer sought an injunction to stop the ads and at least $300,000 in damages. The exact nature of the out of court settlement is not know, though Waits has pledged to donate the money he will receive to charity. Confirming they had reached an agreement with the singer, McCann Erickson said yesterday: “We respect Mr Waits, and deeply regret any embarrassment this may have caused”. The settlement comes almost exactly one year after Waits won a similar court case in Spain where Volkswagen had also used a sound a like in a TV ad. Waits, famously critical of artists who take the advertising dollar off big business, said after yesterday’s settlement was announced: “I’m glad to be out of the car sales business once and for all”.

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