French labels join majors in suing

February 2007

Internet, record labels

The French Civil Society of record Producers has filed a lawsuit against two Russian Web sites accused by record companies of illegally selling pirated music. The lawsuit has been filed in the French courts against X-Media Ltd. and Mediaservices, the operators of and Both sites sell entire albums for as little as US$1 (€0.77), but record companies say that they do so without permission. Moscow-based Mediaservices, which owns, maintains that it pays 15 percent royalties to Russian Coollection Societies on the sales in compliance with Russian law. The French suit follows similar moves by U.S., Danish, British record companies. Warner Bros. Records, Capitol Records, UMG Recordings and Arista Records are among a group that filed a suit in New York last month, demanding unspecified damages from Mediaservices.

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