Has Podcasting come of legal age?

February 2007

Radio, internet 

Hot on the news that SonyBMG has reached an agreement with San Fransisco based Rock River to allow for a series of promotional prodcasts for corporate clients comes news that

the commercial radio sector in the UK is close to securing a blanket licence for including music in podcasts from UK recording rights body Phonographic Performance Limited (PPL). The deal will mean radio stations will be able to include music from any of PPL’s member labels in their podcasts for an annual licence fee. However the licence on offer will only allow radio stations to include thirty second clips of songs seriously limiting the podcasts to little more  which than ‘glorified promotional material’ for either the programme, the station or the tracks featured. The Rock River licence apparently allows clients such as Ford and Chrysler to pay Sony a flat fee for the right to use music in podcasts regardless of the number of tracks downloaded by end users. However the UK news is interesting in that PPL, who are responsible for licencing perfomance rights to sound recordings, has not previously been mandated to licence radio stations for onwards podcasting as podcasting was not seen as a ‘broadcast’ or performance. PPL now now seem to be minded to discuss podcasting.

From CMU Daily 5th January 2007 www.cmumusicnetwork.co.uk

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