Buckcherry accused of featuring a minor in video

October 2006

Artists, broadcasting

US rockers Buckcherry are facing a lawsuit over allegations that they enticed an under aged girl to appear in a raunchy video for their song ‘Crazy Bitch’, which was then posted on their MySpace site. The girl in question, who was under 18 when the video was shot, appears topless, kissing another girl and writhing against a pole. She also appears and is named in a ‘behind the scenes’ video shot on the set. The girl and her mother are now suing the band saying that they plied her with alcohol before enticing her to perform in the pop promo, and that she has suffered “emotional stress”. The band run the risk not only of having to pay compensation if they loose the civil suit but also facing a serious criminal charge of enticement of a minor. The band are not surprisingly disputing the claim pointing out that the girl, known only as Jane Doe, used fake ID to enter the video shoot, that it was made clear in advance that the shoot was strictly for over 18s only and that she voluntarily took part in the scenes seen in the original video. The band’s manager told reporters that “there was every opportunity for her not to be in that video. For whatever reason, the girl subverted those efforts, and now her mom is trying to blame everyone but her.” The band’s lawyer has issued the following statement regarding the case reinforcing the band’s own statement saying: “the claims in this case are completely bogus. This woman obtained access to the video shoot by using a phony ID. Strict precautions were taken to insure that only people over the age of 18 would gain access to the shoot. The casting ad called for talent over 18 only, signs were posted to that effect at the venue and IDs were checked. This person signed a talent release form and verified her age by writing what we have now discovered to be a false birthdate on the release to match her phony ID. She was later seen boasting into the camera about her exploits in the video. This lawsuit was filed almost a year after the video was shot, following the financial success of the band. We are going to defend this action vigorously and let the evidence speak for itself.” A new version of the video has since been edited without the girl in question. Her lawsuit names the band and their management, as well as Warner Music (and Atlantic) even though the band weren’t signed to the major at the time the video was shot.

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