US reality show band have problems with name

October 2006


The makers of the second series of the US reality show Rock Star have run into problems over the name of the supergroup the show is aiming to create. The second series of Rock Star, which was responsible for recruiting a new frontman for INXS in series number one, is looking for a
frontman to lead a new supergroup that will also include Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee on drums, former Guns N Roses member Gilby Clarke on guitar and former Metallica member Jason Newsted on bass. The plan was to call the new group Supernova, and as such the show is called Rock Star: Supernova. However, there is already a Californian punk band called Supernova, and they have sued the programme’s makers, Mark Burnett Productions and CBS Broadcasting, over their use of their name. With the TV show reaching its conclusion, a judge in San Diego has issued an injunction which bars the programme’s makers or the band they create from “performing rock and roll music, or recording, or selling rock and roll music recordings under the same [name], pending a trial of this action on its merits, or until otherwise ordered by the court”. It appears that the two parties have now settled with the TV band being called ….. ‘RockStar Supernova’ ! Source CMU Daily

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