RIAA loose infringement case as defendant requires details of alleged infringements

August 2006

Record labels, internet

As AIM and others lobby for a new approach to copyright in Europe the RIAA’s reliance on litigation has hit the buffers in one case in the US. During a court hearing on infringement matters brought by the RIAA, defendant Debbie Foster requested that the RIAA provide specifics such as the dates of the alleged downloading and the names of the files involved. The RIAA was unable to do so and the case was dismissed. It had been seeking $5,000 in settlement but Foster decided to take the case to court. To date some 18,000 alleged file-sharers have been targeted by the RIAA but only 4,500 of them have reached settlement (with around $4,000 being the average paid out). Whilst the RIAA now say they are embracing education, former RIAA head Hilary Rosen (who initiated the litigation approach in the first place) has said that legal action has gone too far (see link above).

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