Seal must pay £1 million to ex-manager

July 2006


Seal ( Henry Olusegun Adeola Samuel) has been ordered to pay his former manager about £1 million of the money made from his early hits in a High Court action. The singer songwriter had argued said that he did not owe a penny in commission to John Wadlow, the manager he once regarded as a father figure and who gave the singer studio time when he was a struggling unknown. However, at a hearing at the High Court yesterday, Mr Justice Gray ruled that Wadlow was entitled to payment under a settlement agreement signed by the two men in 1995. Mr Justice Gray held that this agreement, signed to terminate formally their working relationship, gave Wadlow the right to the unpaid commission. The settlement replaced earlier agreements and Wadlow agreed to termination and agreement which would have otherwise provided substantial future earnings as Seal’s manager. The effect of the settlement agreement was that Mr Wadlow has a continuing entitlement to commission in respect of Seals first and second albums Seal and Seal II, both of which reached number one in the UK album charts. The judge rejected s counterclaim argued by Seal that even if he did owe money to his former manager, it would amount to “an unreasonable restraint of trade” and would therefore be “unenforceable”. The exact amount to be paid will be decided after an account is taken of the commission for both albums, but it is understood to be at least £1million. The judge ordered the singer to make an interim payment of £500,000 by July 21 st along with a interim payment of £175,000 towards Mr Wadlow’s costs, which are estimated to be more than £500,000.,,174-2238896,00.html

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