Fort Lauderdale pirate station shut down

May 2006


Agents with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement have shut down a Fort Lauderdale based creole / carribbean music broadcaster Sak Pase Compas – the seventh pirate station the FDLE has dismantled in a year. Junior K. Pierre (41) of Fort Lauderdale, and Willem Michel (32) of Lauderhill, were arrested and charged with operating an unlicensed radio station. Officers seized the station’s radio equipment, including a transmitter, mixing board, CD’s and microphones, she said. Pirate stations are frowned upon as they (a) block and/or interfere with licensed stations (b) could block emergency / public safety messages and (c) interfere with other broadcasts. The Miami Herald reports that the FDLE recently confiscated pirate radio equipment in after airline pilots complained it interrupted their transmissions. Florida anti-piracy law went into effect last summer, making interfering with signals from licensed public or commercial stations, or broadcasting without a license a third-degree felony. The Fort Lauderdale case began in March with a complaint from the Federal Communications Commission that was forwarded to FDLE. The FCC regulates radio stations in the United States and is currently investigating ‘payola’ claims against four of the USA biggest radio groups.

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