New German laws criticized by consumer groups

April 2006

Internet, film & television, record labels


Germany has passed tough new anti-piracy laws which provide for prison sentences of up to two years for downloading for private use and five years for commercial use. German Consumer Groups have criticized the law for sending out the ‘wrong signals’. But German ministers have responded by pointing out that most downloaders clearly know what they are doing is illegal and that illegal downloading of films is theft. The law allows consumers to copy a legitimately purchased DVD for limited private use. The German music industry also claims to be suffering from piracy and in 2005 suffered its seventh annual fall in turnover in a row to E1.7 billion (£1.2 billion). The German record industry estimates that the equivalent of 439 million CDs were illegally copied or downloaded in Germany in 2005.,,13509-2100973,00.html

The Recording Industry in Numbers (IFPI)

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