eDonkey server siezed

March 2006

Internet, record labels

Swiss and Belgian authorities have closed down Razorback 2 which is seen as the biggest index server on the eDonkey P2P network. The server’s operator was arrested in his home in Switzerland while the server itself was seized at an Internet hosting centre close to Brussels. There are said to be somewhere between 100 and 200 other index servers on the network, but the closing down of Razorback 2 has been taken as a significant coup. Razorback 2 had an estimated 1.3M simultaneous users with around 170M files being traded via it. Across the whole of eDonkey there were an estimated 3M users. John Kennedy of IFPI said of the raids: “This is a very significant breakthrough in the fight against internet piracy internationally, removing one of the biggest and most well-known sources of illegal music files on the internet. This is an excellent example of good cooperation between law enforcement agencies across borders and among the copyright industries in addressing the problem worldwide”.


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