Danish courts require ISP’s to cut off infringers access

March 2006

Record labels, internet

The Danish Supreme Court confirming that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) can be obliged to terminate the internet connections of customers engaged in internet piracy. The case, involving two individuals operating illegal FTP servers, will set an important precedent for the responsibilities of ISPs in cases involving illegal filesharing.  ISPs may now face action by copyright owners, requiring them to stop providing internet services to customers that use those services to distribute copyright material over peer-to-peer networks.  The ruling ends a long-running legal battle between telecommunications company TDC and Denmark’s AntiPiracyGroup , representing copyright owners from the Danish music and film industries. The ruling will oblige TDC, and other ISPs, to act immediately when they are notified that one of their customers is using their internet account to infringe copyright. In the event of non-compliance, copyright owners will be able to ask the court for an injunction against the service provider . The AntiPiracyGroup consists of the members of IFPI Denmark, Danish Video Distributors Association, Danish Film Distributors Association, KODA (Composers, Publishers and Songwriters in Denmark), Nordic Copyright Bureau, the Danish Musicians’ Union and the Danish Artists Association.

Source: IFPI www.ifpi.org

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