BPI announce first legal successes against file swappers in UK

February 2006

Record labels, internet

Two UK residents have been forced to pay over ‘thousands of pounds’ by the High Court on copyright infringements actions brought by the British Phonographic Industry. In one case the defendant, who refused to settle with the BPI, claimed he was unaware that his actions were illegal and had not sought to benefit financially. He was fined and ordered to pay £1,500 against a final determination of damages and costs. In the second case the defendant was ordered to make an immediate payment of £5,000 against a far larger final figure of damages and costs. The BPI said that the rulings were ‘a massive step forward in the music industry’s bid to fight illegal file-sharing. The BPI has brought 139 cases against alleged file sharers and so far has settled approximately 90 with an average settlement figure of £2,500.00.


Evening Standard 27 January 2006.

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