MCPS-PRS Alliance to spearhead pan-European licensing

February 2006

Music publishing, internet

As Music Law Updates have previously reported, the European collecting societies are gearing up for some big changes to the way they license their members’ music. To encourage the growth of pan-European online music providers, Europe’s collecting societies are changing their licensing from a country-by-country model to a Europe-wide model. The MCPS-PRS Alliance have announced that they will be at the forefront of these changes. Ultimately this will hopefully mean increased effectiveness in the administration of members’ online royalties and ease of use by broadcasters, online retailers, record labels and other users. In the first two moves towards a new licensing model for Europe, the Alliance has announced partnerships with a key publisher and two of Europe’s other major collecting societies. In the first initiative. the Alliance has signed a deal with EMI Music Publishing (EMI). The Alliance will work with German rights society GEMA to build a one-stop shop for the licensing of EMI’s Anglo-American song rights for online and mobile usage across Europe. In the second initiative , the Alliance is partnering with Spanish society, SGAE, to create a new licensing platform for the powerful Anglo-Latin repertoires across Europe.  These initial Alliance projects are in line with the European Commission’s October 2005 recommendations on the future of licensing for music on the internet.

European Commission Management of Copyright and Related Rights: Recommendation

For the VPL/PPL consultation paper to the European Commission’s Report see

For consultation papers from EMI Music Publishing, GEMA, MCPS-PRS and other interested parties see

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