New licences from MCPS-PRS Alliance

February 2006

Music publishing, broadcasting

The MCPS has introduced its 2006 Production Music Rate Card which includes a new ‘Per-Programme’ rate for TV. This new rate allows users to obtain a licence for as much production music as they require on a ‘per 30 minute production’ basis. MCPS and its library members are promoting the new approach as bringing greater flexibility and value for money. Also new for 2006 are ‘Infomercial’ rates, designed to cater for this growing UK market. The Alliance is also currently in discussions with MTV Networks Europe about a broad-ranging joint MCPS-PRS licence. Unlike previous MCPS agreements with MTV, the new licence is expected to cover the use of music in virtually all of the programming, on all channels operated by MTV from the UK. If concluded the new licence will take effect from 1 January 2006. MCPS members are being asked to refer synchronisation matters with MTV to the MCPS. (eM24)

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