New clampdown on peer-2-peer file swapping in France delayed

January 2006

Record labels, internet

Draft legislation in France planned to provide the framework for a serious clampdown on file-sharing including jail sentences for sharers and requirements for software manufacturers to include anti-copying technology has been delayed. Wired reported that file-sharers could face three-year jail sentences and fines of up to E300,000 and noted that the legislation is intended to bring France up to date with the EU Copyright Directive although many in France are seeing the proposed rules as far exceeding the requirements of the Directive. However, a late amendment to the legislation at the end of December (December 22 nd) forced the French Government to suspend the passage of the new digital copyright bill. The French Government suspended its discussion on the country’s controversial new digital copyright bill after an amendment, introduced by Member of Parliament Alain Suguenot from the ruling coalition UMP, was adopted by the French Lower House. The amendment opened the door to an “optional blanket license” system for content on the Internet.,69901-0.html?tw=wn_tophead_4

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