Apple Corp instigates proceedings against EMI for unpaid royalties

January 2006

Record labels, artists

The Beatles’ Apple Corps has issued proceedings against EMI for more than £30 million ($52.9 million) in a row over unpaid/underpaid record royalties dating back to 1962. London-based Apple Corps Ltd. launched the proceedings in the High Court on December 15 th in London and New York’s Supreme Court against EMI Records and Capitol Records, respectively. In a statement from Apple Corps, the label says it took action following a breakdown in negotiations with EMI over the disputed royalties. The case arises from an audit of accounts where Apple claims to have discovered irregularities. EMI has responded saying that it welcomes “full financial transparency” and that such audit requests are common. EMI offered to go to mediation, but Apple rejected this. EMI and Apple were previously in court in 1991 over the planned re-release of the ‘Red’ and ‘Blue’ albums on CD. Apple Corps is currently in a legal dispute with Apple Computers over the ‘Apple’ trademark and its association with music in light of the launch of the iPod and iTunes Music Store (see the November Law Updates).,,1669545,00.html

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