Intellectual property theft mooted as pan-European crime

December 2005

Record labels, music publishers, internet, film, broadcasting

Intellectual property theft has been advanced as one of the new offences under a proposed pan-European body of criminal offences. The European Commission has insisted that seven core crimes (including counterfeiting the Euro, money laundering, people-trafficking, marine pollution, private sector corruption, credit card and cheque fraud and computer hacking and virus attacks) must become law. IP theft is a ‘proposed’ offence which could become part of the pan-European system some time in the future. The new proposals are not without criticism as many member states (including the UK, Holland and Italy) oppose any involvement of the EU in criminal matters which are seen as domestic issues and pan European legislation is see as a challenge to parliamentary sovereignty an power grabbing by Brussels.The Times 24 November 2005,,2-1779849,00.html

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