One stop licensing scheme for online rights in Europe

November 2005

Internet, Music Publishing

The European Communities Internal Market and Services Commissioner: Charlie McCreevy has said that online music service in Europe such as Apple’s i-Tunes will be able to acquire a single licence to use songs from one of the European Collection Societies. Currently use requires the consent of dozens of license holders from each country where the service wants to operate ‹ from record labels or their collections societies for the use of the sound recording and from music publishing royalty collection societies (such as the MCPS and PRS) or music publishers for the use of the song. In some instances consent will be needed from the artists themselves. The resulting lengthy negotiations have pushed back the launch of services such as i-Tunes and Napster and some popular U.S. music services such as Yahoo have yet to appear in Europe in part due to the complexity of the rights situation. The new move is hoped to make the launch of new online services in Europe easier and hopefully will facilitate better artist and songwriter payments.

MCPS-PRS eM Magazine October 2005
See Law Updates August 2005 European Commission proposes Europe wide music licensing for online use

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