Israel clamps down on P2P sites

November 2005

Record Labels, Internet

Israel’s rampant culture of internet copyright infringement is the bane of global trade bodies but Israel has now clamped down on file swappers. Israel has been a haven for early adapters of modern technology and has one of the highest internet use rates in the world – but has little in the way of legal controls againt online piracy and peer-2-peer file swapping. But now the Haifa District Court has ruled against music file-sharing websites including Shift, Lala, Lionetwork, and Subcenter. The lawsuit was filed by 27 music recording companies, including Hed Arzi Ltd., Helicon Ltd., and NMC Music Ltd. The IFPI presented the NIS 500,000 claim. The petitioners claimed that the sites were violating their copyright. The sites’ operators were ordered to pay an interim sum of NIS 500,000 until damages to the petitioners are assessed. The lawsuit follows the US Supreme Court’s decision at the end of June that on-line file-sharing services Grokster and Streamcast could be held liable for copyright infringement if they encouraged Internet users to illegally copy movies and music from each others’ computers. The long-awaited ruling was seen as a key test of copyright law in the digital era.

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