UK Home Office exempts football stewards from door supervisor regulations

October 2005

Live Event Industry

The Home Office has decided to exempt in-house football stewards from licensing under the Private Security Industry Act 2001 following consultation with the SIA, the Football Licensing Authority and the Department for Culture, Media and Sport. The Private Security Industry Act (PSIA) 2001 allows for specific groups to be exempt for the Act in circumstances where suitable equivalent alternative arrangements apply. The exemption for football stewards is expected to take place from around January 2006. Media enquiries on this subject are being handled by the Home Office Press Office. The Home Office has issued a Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) which considers the options for ensuring that football stewards, their supervisors and managers satisfy the requirements of the PSIA 2001 without creating an unnecessary burden on the businesses and individuals affected. It also sets out the Government’s preferred option and explains how the proposed framework will work.


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