Weblisten finally shut down after admission of criminal liability

July 2005

Record Labels

Weblisten, the Spanish based website Weblisteb, which had offered many thousands of international and local songs for download and streaming through its website has been shut down by a court order. The move follows Weblisten’s admission of criminal copyright infringement in a Spanish court hearing on May 31. Weblisten had been making copyrighted music files available online since 1997, despite successive legal actions against it over six years. Civil and criminal copyright infringement proceedings were taken against it by AGEDI, the Spanish producers’ collecting society, on behalf of the country’s music industry, as well as by seven independent and major record companies. Until now, Weblisten maintained that it was operating legally, even though it had secured licences only from music publishers and not the affected record labels. As part of the final order to be issued in the case, Weblisten will be required to destroy its databases of unauthorised music, pay a fine and refrain from engaging in any similar such activities in the future. Spain has a growing market for online music, with at least ten legitimate online music services operating in the country including iTunes, MSN Music Club, Tiscali, Vitimanic Music Club and Wanadoo.

See: http://www.ifpi.org

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