Pakistan to fight piracy

June 2005

Film, Television, Record Labels, Music Publishers, Computer Software

The Pakistan government is taking urgently-needed actions to curb the mass-scale violation of copyright. “Pakistan is showing that it takes seriously the need to address its severe levels of copyright piracy,” said a joint press statement issued the International Federation of Phonographic Industry (IFPI), Business Software Alliance (BSA) and Motion Picture Association (MPA). The response follows administrative reforms and strict enforcement actions announced by the Government in recent weeks. The Pakistan Intellectual Property Rights Organization (PIPRO) has been created to oversee copyright, trademark and patent protection issues. The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) arrested nine people and confiscated more than 400,000 pirate CDs, DVDs and audio cassettes, along with 10,000 Master Discs (stampers) in the course of closing down six illegal optical disc plants around Karachi. Pakistan has become one of the largest manufacturers of pirate discs in the world – producing over 230 million discs in 2004, of which the vast majority was exported to at least 46 countries worldwide.

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