New independent publishing company set up in India

June 2005

Music Publishing

A French national, Achille Forler, who has been living in India since 1969, has set up the country’s first independent music publishing house after paying $3m to buy or administer rights to compositions which include some by leading Bollywood composers and lyricists like KL Saigal, RD Burman, Javed Akhtar and Anu Malik. He has also bought the music to films such as Satyajit Ray’s period classic Shatranj Ke Khiladi and Basu Chatterjee’s Rajnigandha. Deep Emotions Publishing has also signed an agreement with BMG Music Publishing and a further $12 million has been set aside for catalogue acquisitions. He says Sacem, the French society of authors, composers and publishers of music, collected $400,000 in royalties between 1990 and 1995 for Indian music used in France but that no one knew whom to pay this money because most of the works of music were not registered. Eventually, the money was sunk into creating an organisation to promote budding French songwriters. Mr Forler also found that no-one had been collecting royalties for music played in Israel. There had been some 2,000 Indian songs on radio and films on television there in the last two years alone. Even the 36-year-old Indian Performing Rights Society Limited, a non-profit organisation which picks up royalties for Indian music, estimates that its present collections are only about 5% of the total possible collections in the country.


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