New ways for pirates to obtain downloads

April 2005

Film & Television, Record Labels, Internet

A new report from Pew Internet & American Life states that 36M people in the US download music and films (equal to 27% of all Internet users). Half of them, however, also use alternative channels to get music for free. 19% of P2P users (7M people) have copied files illegally from other people’s digital music players while 28% (10M people) get tracks via e-mail and instant messaging. 23% of users have used both routes. This is a new ‘invisible piracy’ that will be impossible for the industry to plug. Even the DRM on digital players (designed to stop copying in this way) is hacked on a regular basis. Interestingly, however, 53% of Internet users believe that the operators of P2Ps should be held responsible for piracy over their networks while only 18% say the file-sharers themselves should be held accountable.
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