The Corrs face claim over copyright to ‘Breathless’

April 2005

Music Publishing

The Corrs, one of Ireland’s most successful music acts, have been accused of stealing their biggest hit from an American songwriter. Jenesee Ricco, a Los Angeles-based musician, is suing Atlantic Records over a claim that the group’s 2000 hit, “Breathless”, was copied from his own track of the same name. He is claiming damages of $50,000 (E37,500). Ricco has filed a case in the Los Angeles Superior Court claiming he wrote his version of Breathless in 1999. He has highlighted his claim on American television, telling the Celebrity Justice show that the track was given to Atlantic Records by “a person I had taking songs around at the time”. He added: “The hope was that someone making an album would record the song. I didn’t know where it was going or who was getting it, I never even heard of this band and then it came out on the radio and nobody had ever contacted me.” The Corrs deny any similarity in either melody or lyrics and that apart from the phrase “leave me breathless” that there is no overlap in the words. They deny that the band members know Ricco, that the band and Mutt Lange wrote Breathless and that Lange has also never met Rocco. Ricco originally sued four years ago in a Boston court, seeking the profits from the song, which amounted to several million dollars. He lost the case and the appeal.

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