Recording industry welcomes police investigation of but prosecution stalled

April 2005

Record Labels

The International Federation of Phonographic Industries (IFPI) has welcomed action by the Russian authorities against a Russian website alleged to be offering digital copies of recorded music for sale and its principals are alleged to be involved in large-scale copyright infringement by offering music for sale without authorisation from rights holders in Russia and internationally. Russia is the worlds 12th largest music market with sales of US326.20 million in 2003 but has a piracy rate of 64%. The Computer Crimes unit of Moscow City Police formally passed the results of its criminal investigation to the Moscow City Prosecutor’s office on February 8. IFPI, on behalf of its members, also submitted a formal complaint to the prosecutor’s office in support of further action on the same date. The prosecutor has thirty days from the date of receiving evidence to decide whether to proceed. However it seems that Moscow prosecutors have declined to press criminal charges against the popular Internet site according to Russian news reports, citing “specifics of Russian copyright law”.
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