Pepsi claim that new film’s title infringes their advertising slogan

February 2005

Record Labels, Artists, Music Publishers

Pepsi has brought an action in the Delhi High Court against the makers of the film ‘Dil Maange More’ alleging that the film title is an infringement of copyright, as it closely resembles Pepsi’s previous ad tagline, ‘Yeh Dil Maange More’. The film include a sequence by actor Actor Shahid Kapoor crooning ‘ Dil Maange More’ . The Delhi High Court has issued notices to the producer, director, music distributor and owner of the website promoting the film, `Dil Maange More’. Pepsi has alleged that the film title is an infringement of the copyright, as Pepsi had earlier used the phrase, ‘Yeh Dil Maange More’ as the tagline for all its advertising. The film’s producer Nikhil Panchamiva has said that Pepsi are too late in serving the notice as the film has been released and the promos for the film have been on air since November 1. In its application, Pepsi also appealed for an order restraining the defendants from using the film title for overseas audio and video distribution. However, the film has been released overseas through Mumbai-based distributor Neptune and producers claim that the notice will have no impact on the film per se.


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