BPI say piracy suits justified

January 2005

Record Labels

Quickly following on from EMI’s positive results for 2003-2004 which showed album sales of 237 million to the end of September 2004 and a positive fourth quarter for both traditional and online sales Peter Jamieson, chair of the British Phonographic Industry has said that legal actions taken against unauthorised fileshares was justified and had been ‘vindicated’. EMI’s figures for album sales showed increased growth and the combined sale of CD singles and download singles through legal sites such as Napster, iTunes and SonyConnect showed a 9% increase in sales. 26 pirates had law suits issued against them in the UK as part of a Europe wide initiative by the IFPI. The BPI indicated that from 2005 download single sales would feature in the UK singles charts and that mobile ringtone sales were also being considered. About 1.75 million singles were purchased in the fourth quarter to September 04 compared with 7.3 million physical singles. The BPI said that download sales were running at up to a quarter of a million units per week.

Sources: The Times 27 November 2004, and the official BPI website – www.bpi.co.uk

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