US Band Disputes Ownership of New Zealand ‘Idol’ Song

October 2004

Music Publishing

New Zealand Idol runner-up Michael Murphy looks like having a major hit on his hands with the track¬†So Damn Beautifulwith extensive radio plays and sales. The song is credited to Chirs Rodriguez. However, he may face a law suit as well. In Texas, Vallejo, the band who co-wrote the track with song-writer Chris Rodriguez are meeting lawyers to discuss legal action over royalty payments. In 2002, the band wrote the track with Rodriguez, hoping to create a hit that would save their contract with music label Epic. Unfortunately, their efforts didn’t inspire the label and Vallejo eventually put the track out on a self-released album, Stereo. Michael Murphy and his label BMG claim they was unaware of the history of the song believing it was penned by Rodriguez alone and unreleased. But Vallejo will now seek a co-writing credit and song writing royalty payments for airplay and sales of the song.

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