Publican Escapes Prison After Repeatedly Failing to Obtain a PRS Licence

September 2004

Live Event Industry

A licensee has escaped a possible prison sentence after repeatedly failing to take out a Performing Right Society (PRS) music usage licence. Tim Doyle, who runs Doyle’s Tavern, in Holloway, London, was taken to the High Court for failing to comply with a court order following persistent infringement of copyright in PRS members’ musical works since 1998. Doyle agreed to take a PRS licence for his premises and to pay a total of 71.24 in respect of PRS royalties for the period 6 July 1998 to 5 July 2005. The court ordered he also pay PRS’s legal costs totalling 056.50. The court warned Doyle of the consequences of not complying in the future with Court orders saying “If a breach of the court order happens again, prison is a live possibility. Orders of the court are to be obeyed; if not, certain consequences follow.”

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