Sony Staff Spared Anti Social Behaviour Orders

July 2004

Record Labels, Live Music Industry

Camden Council in London is taking on music industry bosses over flyposting and the Council are aiming to bring Anti Social Behaviour Orders (ASBO) against music industry bosses, claiming they have received more than a thousand complaints about the posters which are placed across the borough. Camden is one of the main focus points for alternative music in London, and is famous for its live music venues like The Barfly, Electric Ballroom and Underworld. The Council has targeted two of the majors, Sony and BMG. Sony Music chiefs have escaped Anti Social Behaviour Orders (ASBO) after promising not to commission any more illegal fly posting and the actions against Catherine Davies and Jo Headland have been withdrawn at Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court. However, BMG executives have not responded and now face the likelihood of court action and penalties if found guilty. The executives will be facing summons on the basis that flyposting has been defined as causing “harassment, alarm or distress” and so can be actioned under the Public Order Act 1986. Both Sony and BMG denied being involved in illegal flyposting. The sanctions ultimately extend to the possibility of a five-year prison sentences. Camden Chief Executive Alan Woods said: “BMGand Sony save themselves over a year on advertising by fly posting illegally in Camden alone“. Council leader Jane Roberts said that flyposting makes the local area “seem uncared for and an unpleasant place to be“. It costs the Council an estimated ,000 per annum to deal with the problem.
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