PPL Successful in Action Against Show Organiser in India

May 2004

Record Labels, Television, Radio, Live Event Industry

The organisers of the Mega Model Man Hunt, Gladrags Media Limited, have been ordered by the the Bombay High to pay Rs 46,000 to Phonographic Performance Ltd (PPL) as copyright fees. PPL approached the court when Gladrags refused to pay copyright fees for its event in April 2004 at the Mahalakshmi Race Course. PPL is the Indian society that collects copyright fees on behalf of the music companies including BMG Cresendo, Magnasound, Virgin Records, Venus, Saregama and others. The 1957 Copyright Act in India specifies that any public performance of Indian or international music has to obtain a public performance licence, or will invite criminal action. In India, PPL is the sole authority to administer the broadcasting, telecasting and public performance rights on behalf of the music industry. Advocate Rohini Vakil for PPL, said, “Despite sending out notices requesting them to pay up, they ignored it. Last year, too, they had gone ahead and held performances with taped music without paying copyright fees” Vakil explained that PPL has varying tariffs depending on category, and Gladrags had been asked to pay up under the hotel category for playing pre-recorded music at performances.
See : http://ww1.mid-day.com/news/city/2004/april/80000.htm

For more information on copyright law in India see: http://www.kaplegal.com/content/articles

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