EMI Takes Action Over Sampled “Grey Album”

March 2004

Record Labels, Artist

Somewhat unsurprisingly EMI Records has said that it will take legal action against DJ Danger Mouse over his limited edition CD ‘The Grey Album’. The producer/DJ found himself behind one of the hottest records of the year by splicing vocals from last year’s ‘The Black Album’ by Jay-Z with beats created from the Beatles seminal ‘The White Album’. But the DJ has been served with a cease and desist order – along with the small number of independent retailers who had stocked the 3,000 copies of the record. The Beatles’ recordings and the Lennon/McCartney compositions are guarded by the copyright owners and clearly the Grey Album consisted of unauthorised sampling of both the recordings and the compositions. EMI Records control the Beatles sound recordings on behalf of Capitol. The Lennon/McCartney publishing catalogue is owned by Sony Music and ATV Publishing. Danger Mouse himself insists that the 3,000 copies were only intended as promotional items.
See : http://www.ilmc.com (News)

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