R v Clark (2003) Re-broadcasting Foreign Television Signals

December 2003

Televison, Radio

Pubs and clubs which illegally screen live football matches from the English Premiership league in England face prosecution as the Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT) which acts for Premier League, which owns the copyright to the matches, takes action against infringers. Live football is banned in the UK on Saturday afternoons to promote match attendance and income from TV rights. In R v White, Hertfordshire bar manager William Clark was found guilty of copyright infringement and fined £500 and £720 costs. The maximum fine in a magistrates court is £5,000 for this offence. Foreign signals (which of course can be legally transmitted in the countries to which they are licensed) but which can be downlinked in the UK include Canal + in Holland and Poland and Sport TV in Portugal. All show live Premiership matches, although without English commentary.

The Evening Standard, 4 November 2003

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