Massive Piracy Raid in Italy

December 2003

Record Labels

Police in Italy have dismantled a major organised ring involved in the mass duplication of music, movies and software. The raids, in the Naples area, struck a blow against organised CD-R and DVD burning and distribution in the country. The raids followed months of investigation, and involved 50 of Italy’s Fiscal Police who located and seized six undercover burning laboratories in the suburbs of Naples on October 24. The raids netted 496 CD and DVD burners, including 200 CD burners found at one location.
Over 60,000 burned CDs and DVDs ready for distribution throughout Italy were also found. They included the latest film and music titles, such as Tomb Raiders II and The Best of R.E.M. The value of related equipment, including computers, burned CDs and DVDs and blank discs is estimated at hundreds of thousands of Euros. Nine people have been charged with criminal copyright law infringement.
The BSA (Business Software Alliance), FAPAV (the Italian branch of the Motion Picture Association) and FPM (Italian Record Industry and the IFPI) assisted in the raids.


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