Van Morrison Ordered To Pay Damages For Cancelled Contract

December 2003

Artists, Live Concert Industry

English pub landlord Gary Marlow has been awarded approximately £40,000 in damages after Van Morrison cancelled a concert at the Crown Hotel public House in 2002. The singer, and his production company Exile, claimed that the contract had been breached by Marlow publicly advertising the event – but the court thought otherwise.
The damages included the return of a £20,000 deposit. However, the damages fell far short of what Mr Marlow had asked for – he claimed the failed concert severely damaged the business of his pub and wanted damages of £400,000 for the long term damages to his business. This was not accepted in the High Court and Mr Marlow faces a substantial legal bill – it is also thought he may have turned down an offer of more than £40,000 from the singer to pursue the claim.

A review of the judgement by Richard Taylor and Emma Stoker can be seen at:

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