Limp Bizkit sued by irate fans

November 2003


Limp Bizkit are being sued by 172 rock fans who attended July’s infamous Chicago show, which ended after only 17 minutes when the band were booed off stage. A lawsuit was submitted yesterday to District Court in Illinois. The band were supporting Metallica on the Summer Sanitarium tour, at Chigaco’s Hawthorne Racetrack. The suit alleges that the plaintiffs were expecting a ninety minute show but the band’s front man, Fred Durst, fired-off a tirade against the city and the audience, before challenging the entire crowd to a fight. The breach-of-contract suit has been filed by Michael Young, the lawyer acting on behalf of the 172 aggrieved concertgoers, who are seeking a $25 refund from the July 26 show opening the door to up to 40,000 re-payment claims.


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