Prince loses perfume case again – but will appeal

May 2012


Prince has been ordered to pay just under $3.95 million to perfume company Revelations Perfume And Cosmetics Inc after a US judge upheld an earlier court ruling that said the singer made false promises to the perfume maker, which resulted in the firm investing millions in making a Prince-based perfume the pop star had no intention to help promote. The 2008 case claimed that the singer failed to fulfil promotional commitments he made to help the company promote ‘3121’ named after prince’s 2006 album. Revelations claimed that Prince had agreed to promote the product, and also to sell it at his live shows, but that neither of those things happened, making the venture an expensive flop. Prince’s case was that there was no evidence that Revelations’ decision to make the ‘3121’ perfume was directly motivated by the singer’s promises to undertake promotional duties and have said that the matter will be appealed, telling The Hollywood Reporter: “This was a default judgment, not based on any trial on the merits and without any ability of Prince to challenge the factual assertions of the plaintiff. The judge’s refusal to set aside the default for good cause is currently being appealed. Every ‘fact’ in the judge’s opinion was an adoption of the assertions made by the plaintiff due to said default judgment and are vehemently denied by Prince”.

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