Cameron wants more action on over-sexed promo videos

May 2012

Artistes, broadcasting, record labels

UK Prime Minister David Cameron has said that he is disappointed at the music industry’s efforts to regulate access by children to overly-sexualised pop promo videos, and plans to host a summit on the issue next month. An earlier report on the topic, authored by  Mothers Union boss Reg Bailey prompted the record industry to announce that it was extending its ‘parental advisory’ labelling programme, which identifies content that is possibly inappropriate for children on music CDs and DVDs, to the digital domain, with both audio and video services pledging to more clearly identify such tracks and videos.  However it seems that this has not far enough to satisfy Bailey and Cameron who think the music industry should be doing more to block access for children to more raunchy or violent videos, especially online and in particular the Sony / Universal owned VEVO platform, with Bailey as saying “Many of the industries mentioned in last year’s report have responded positively to our recommendations. I cannot say that has been the case with music videos. Age ratings should be introduced for music videos and there is also a clear case for age-verification for music video websites”.

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