RIAA – the best way to kill piracy is innovation

May 2012

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This from TorrentFreak: “It took more than half a decade, but there’s finally something we can agree on with the RIAA. After suing college students, shutting down LimeWire and pushing for draconian anti-piracy laws, the RIAA now finally admits that the best answer to illegal downloading is innovation. A milestone, but unfortunately also a message that is bundled with the usual creative statistics that have to be debunked” ….. “Today the RIAA takes this notion back – “The single most important anti-piracy strategy remains innovation, experimentation and working with our technology partners to offer fans an array of legal music experiences,”. More here: http://torrentfreak.com/riaa-innovation-is-the-best-way-to-kill-piracy-120412/

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