US appeals court reverses Viacom v Google decision to allow Viacom’s action

May 2012


The 2nd US Circuit Court of Appeals has reversed (Thursday 4th April) the June 2010 lower court ruling from Judge Louis Stanton in favour of YouTube which resulted from the $1 billion lawsuit filed by Viacom, the English Premier (football) League and others in 2007 to stop users posting of clips from programmes like the Daily Show and SpongeBobSquarePants amongst 79,000 copyrighted works on the YouTube platform. YouTube seemed to put a positive spin on the decision with a YouTube spokeswoman said in an e-mailed statement: “All that is left of the Viacom lawsuit that began as a wholesale attack on YouTube is a dispute over a tiny percentage of videos long ago removed from YouTube. Nothing in this decision impacts the way YouTube is operating.” Viacom, in a statement, said the appeals court “delivered a definitive, common sense message to YouTube: intentionally ignoring theft is not protected by the law.” and more on other developments here

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