50 cent faces sampling claim

May 2012

Record labels, artistes

Rapper 50 Cent is being sued by Robert Poindexter (The Persuaders) for allegedly sampling one of his band’s tracks without permission. The sampled recording in question, “Love Gonna Pack Up And Walk Out,” was allegedly sampled on a 2009 track called “Redrum” and then included on a mixtape called “War Drum” that 50 Cent posted online for free and the latter point appears to be the rapper’s initial legal contention in defence of his actions – he didn’t make any money out of it (which might beg the question – then why did he do it – were there any other benefits to 50 Cent?). The filed legal papers reportedly describe this contention as “frivolous and immaterial.” Poindexter is demanding $600,000 in punitive damages, as well as statutory damages of an unexpressed amount.


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