New proposals to tackle drunkenness

June 2012

Live events industry

The UK Government has a proposed a number of changes to the Licensing Act 2003 to reduce drunkeness and alcohol related violence.

  • Local authorities will have new powers to refuse, revoke or impose conditions on a licence to combat irresponsible behaviour  by bar and club owners – reducing the evidential threshold from ‘necessary’ to ‘appropriate’
  • A new local levy to enable local authorities to require business selling alcohol late at night to contribute to policing costs and other costs their trade causes
  • Local health authorities will be ‘responsible authorities’ so, for example, a hospital regularly treating victims of alcohol violence from a particular venue could instigate a review of that venue’s licence.
  • Hospitals could also share non-personal information concerning assaults and violence
  • The strategy also plans to encourage local authorities to use existing powers under the Licensing Act 2003 – such as the offence of knowingly serving someone alcohol who is drunk – there have just been just three convictions for this offence since 2010.

Source: The Magistrate May 2012

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